Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My new sites about the USA - PoznejAmeriku.cz

As you might have noticed I didn't update this blog for a looooong time. After I got back from more then a year in the US, I had just so much stuff to do that I didn't find any time to inform you about my adventures.

However, tomorrow I'm leaving for the US again - I'm going to study at Louisiana State University for a year Mass Communication in Master's Program. The University is obviously in Louisiana ;-) , in capital - Baton Rouge, very close to New Orleans... And because new adventures, which I would like to inform you about, are ahead I decided to create a brand new site not just with my blog but also with much useful information about USA.

So please since now follow my adventures in my blog from Louisiana.

See you there...


Friday, January 4, 2008

Special Robitschek wishes...

Because I'm still very thankful for a great year in Nebraska which I spent also with this special people -- my co-scholars and our advisors, this card goes to them... Thank you, guys!

If you are interested in information about the scholarship I was awarded and maybe wanna apply as well, go to this page. For more info go also here.

PF 2008

I would like to wish to all my readers all the best to the NEW YEAR 2008!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still alive and this time in Brno

After long time without posting I wanna assure u that I'm still alive. Just too busy... I have ddl for my bachelor's thesis on December 5 (de facto I have to hand it on November 23, because my supervisor is leaving for Brussels), I have to study for my other classes that I have again many. And the brand new news - I got a job in an internet advertising agency.You can find it on http://www.robertnemec.com/ and just started to work there for couple hours a week yesterday. The agency is focused mostly on inovative internet marketing like Search engine optimization, link building etc. So, could be pretty interesting... We'll see, I'll keep u updated.

And to this wine cellar thing - it was great. About 20 people came, one of them was Marcelo, Brasilian guy who studied with us in Nebraska. We had an awesome wine-testing and plenty of food and of course wine. And we had our own cimbalom's band. Perfect music! Who didn't come missed a lot. Anyway, tried to post videos from the cellar, but have some technical difficulties, so I'll try it tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wine meeting in the South Moravia

Still hangovered from yesterday burcak party (typical Czech type of short-time fermented wine) in my home faculty I wanna invite all friends to wine cellar in the South Moravia. Wine-tasting is a typical South-Moravian custom well known all around. So, come to experience great Moravian wine in this very special setting on November 2nd... Looking forward to all people who can come! Let me know who wanna come...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Back in my homeland. How is it in the Czech Republic?

It's cold here. One of the differences between my former "home" in the US - last time Washington, DC and my "old and current" home in Czech. And believe me that it can make your life more difficult. No more t-shirts and shorts this year. However, the cold weather out here is just one of differences. Others I had an opportunity to remind myself very quickly. No more "American smile" (even it got much better since past and now more people are smiling). Although it might seem to many people like fake and they are many times right, I still do believe that many Americans really wanna be nice to u and expect the same from u. However, don't expect the same in the Czech Republic - you'll find most people in hurry, not looking at other people and if so with disinterested face.

What I can't stand anywhere in the world is bureaucracy. And there is a lot of bureaucracy in here - especially old white collars who stay in their offices from the Communist period. It takes a lot of time and stress to arrange anything. For example I wanted to get a discount card for student transportation but I didn't have my ID with me. However, I had my passport which normally works like a regular ID. But the older lady behind the glass didn't want to accept this because I didn't have my permanent residency address on it. I showed her other ID cards with pictures I had but she didn't wanna see anything else than this official ID. I couldn't explain her that I probably lost my ID and in my passport there is a place of issuance of passport which is identical with the town where I have a permanent residency... After five minute arguing I left the place because I didn't wanna insult the woman. And I got this card in my university town Brno without showing any ID ;)

Anyway, last time when I posted here I was still in DC. So to my flight back to Europe. After some small problems in Dulles International Airport close by Washington I got on the plane to Copenhagen (well, small - there were so many people waiting for check in and security control I thought that I miss the plane, but everything had a happy end and I got on the board on time). We were taking off in the late afternoon, so I saw sunset above the USA and when we got to Europe (thanks to time change) we caught a sunrise. So, it was kinda symbolic - something is ending but on the other hand something new is starting ;) Well, we live in time of symbols so we see it everywhere ;)

We got safely to Copenhagen, when I had about 8 hours layover. Because they cancelled my flight. When I found it out in the US, I was kinda pissed because I planned that I get to Czech on Monday morning and at 2 I'll be sitting in my class in Brno ;) So, this plans didn't come through, but I had at least an opportunity to see Copenhagen. Pretty nice "Nordic style" city. However, after a day without sleeping and with jet lag little demanding ;)

About school and other things next time...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last week in DC is coming

After over a year spent in the US my time here is coming to its end. Last week and it's over. Next Sunday, September 23 I'm leaving the States for the Czech Republic... Do I look forward to going back home? Yes and no. I feel that my time (for this year) is over, so I know that I have to come back home. On the other hand I like it here and I would like to stay here. Nevertheless, I have to admit that it's not so awesome and new as at the beginning. And it's different that I don't study any more here. It's totally different to study and work here. And I wanna say that I enjoyed studying much more ;)

In other words - if I studied here I would like to stay here, but my scholarship is gone at the moment and I must come back to my university to finish my bachelor's degree. However, after I'm done with me bachelor's I wanna work on my master's. And now priority one for me is to do it in the States. We'll see how it will work out. But it's still far, for now-look forward to me because I'M COMING HOME SOON!!!

P.S.: Enjoy this pic of Washington as I did when I took it from Arlington National Cemetery...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Primitive man and goat in the Natural History Museum

Well, I was just wondering what is this primitive man doing with this goat. Maybe you can help me and tell me your opinion. Drop here your comment on the skeleton scenery from National Museum of Natural History in DC ;)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekend and Labour day traveling - Baltimore, Mormon Temple, North beach and Holocaust Museum

I took advantage of this weekend and additional free day - Labor day to do some traveling around DC and in the city. We were talking about doing some small road trip with my friend Katka, who is interning with me at the Czech Embassy, before and this Saturday we made it real.

Baltimore is surprisingly neat city hour far away from Washington. The downtown is located to Inner Harbor which makes nice contrast of modern and tall skyscrapers and water. I think that every city with some river or ocean around just has to look neat in some way and Baltimore just proved my theory. Further from downtown there is an older part of the city with many historical sites. In this area there was written of modern America, so there is plenty of interesting stuff. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to explore all those places so we just basically drove through this neighbourhood. We were supposed to meet up with friend of Katka and explore some night life of Baltimore, but unfortunately she went to some party even before and wasn't able to either come to Baltimore. So, we went back to DC...

Next day we planned to go to Sand Point State Park on some beach. Before we left DC we stopped in the Mormon Temple in the suburb of DC. When we saw it last night my friend thought that it was some Disney land. It really looks like from different world, especially during the night. Huge white stone temple without any windows... Look at the pics below, it's really very weird architecture fitting to this weird church. I was saying to Katka, don't go to Visitor center - you'll get at least hour lesson about their church and Jesus. But she wanted to talk to them and have some fun - and we had, but for me little long. I was looking forward to the beach. After a long while we finally hit the road.

Not just we had the idea to go to the beach this day. We got stucked in the traffic jam, because many people wanted to take advantage of prolonged weekend. When we finally got close to the park, there was a sign Parking full, so we even couldn't get into the park. Never mind, we decided to head to some other close beach. We decided for one hour far away North beach. Now I know that it wasn't very good choice, because when you wanted to get on the tiny beach with dirty sea you had to pay $7. We were there just for a while and we really didn't wanna pay for what we saw. We continued walking on the sea shore and got on some even dirtier (but unpaid ;)) beach with similar dirty water. OK, maybe it was my last time by the ocean this year so I went to the warm and stinky water. Not so good, but at least it was OCEAN!!!

Today, on Monday it was a labor day so I didn't have to go to work. So, I could visit another Washington's museum - this time Holocaust museum. I've heard it's very good museum. And it was... great, I spent there 6 hours today. The history of holocaust and the raise of Nazism were explained in very good and live way... I've been to Auschwitz already, which was very natural adventure. This museum helped me understand all the conditions and the results of this monstrous time of our history. When you have opportunity and you'll be DC, you should definitely visit this museum! But come early morning, many people wanna do the same as you ;)

Baltimore, Mormons' Temple and Holocaust Museum

Monday, August 27, 2007

Trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

During whole last week I had my friends from Nebraska here, so I didn't have time for writing posts. I was exploring a night life in DC and having fun with my friends. It just reminded me how much will I miss some people I've met here... Well, unfortunately my friends had to leave DC on Saturday morning, so I tried to disperse my sadness through exploring new places. Saturday afternoon I visited great (but overcrowded - it's most visited museum in the world) National Air and Space Museum and National Botanic Garden. On Sunday Bob, owner of house where I'm staying offered me if I don't wanna go to Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, famous for it's fighting history. And I wasn't against...

Gettysburg is one of the biggest battlefields in the US and a place that raises lots of emotions. At this place the armies of North-Union and South-Confederation met which led to bloody battle where many people were killed or injured. This battle took place July 1-July 3 1863 and Union won. This battle is considered like a breaking point of Civil War where South slavery states were defeated...

Gettysburg lies in Pennsylvania close to border with Maryland, hour and half far away from Washington, DC. It's neat and small east coast town. However, you can see the bloody history of this place all around. There is a big cemetery in the town with buried bodies (or just ash of bodies, because there were so many corpses that they didn't have time and room to bury all of them). And in the countryside around the town, on the places where the soldiers died there are many (at least tens, maybe hundreds) monuments and memorials for these people. Perhaps every troop from different states has its own monument. And in addition to it, every fighting state has it's own memorial. Especially Pennsylvania one is huge and amazing.

This is typically American I would say. They appreciate everybody who fought for their ideals and freedom. We have hardly main monuments for all the people killed in different wars and they have memorial for every person killed. Well, it's possible here, because America hasn't seen many conflicts on its homeland. Which you can't compare with European bloody history.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Greetings from Washington, DC

So, I'm finally here. In the capital of the USA, the center of politics, neat city without so typical American skyscapers but on the other hand full of museums of different types.

Camp finished on last Sunday, August 12th and we were leaving the facility next day, on Monday morning. I don't like saying good buy, but this went pretty smoothly. I forgot about worse things that happened in camp and concentrated to say goodbye to people I wanted. And even to people I firstly didn't want to, like to Jonesy, cook from kitchen who I didn't have very good relation with. He thanked me for good job, but it can't so easily fix what happened (well, it wasn't so bad, just annoying sometimes). We left later than we were supposed to and in addition we stopped in another camp to drop some guys who are working for a postcamp there now and in the town in the bank so some guys could withdraw poor money they earned ;) That's why we got delayed, which was for me, Tom and Vita, other 2 Czech guys pretty bad, because are bus from New York to DC was supposed to leave in 1:30PM. Well, we got close to Port Authority, main NYC bus station at 1:20 and we were running to find our bus. Very nice experience, especially when I need have to piss sooo badly...

At the last minute we found our almost leaving bus and we got on the board. And thanks God they had a bathroom in there, so I didn't have to destroy the glass to get out of the bus, because it was really very urgent. Anyway, I'm not gonna annoy you with my past urinal problems ;) So, after four hours ride we got to Washington. And fortunately there was Bob Doubek, I was supposed to stay with in DC, waiting for us. We dropped guys in their hostel and continue to my new home. We stopped by the Tomas Masaryk Statue at the Embassy Row Street. Bob is a president of organization called American friends of the Czech Republic and he was also director of building of this memorial to first Czechoslovakian president. Bob is very interested older guy among others interested in the Czech Republic, with Czech heritage and working for American government. He was a projector of Vietnam War Memorial, one of the most important memorials in DC. All around his house there are pictures with Clinton, Gore, Havel and other famous and important people.

We are leaving in neat family house in beautiful (and probably pretty rich) neighborhood with his 22 years old son James, James's friend Jessie who is attending college here and Bob's friend Bob, the director of golf courses. All of them are very nice and interesting people. You can check out some pictures of our house and my room:

(btw. about work and other things later, now I'm going to bed to be fresh for tomorrow)

The right house is ours.

Back of our house.

Well, this is little messy, but it's still my room ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pics from Pittsburgh

Lot of work and just little time for other things. It caused that I'm posting so late.

Anyway, we have 5 more days to spend in the camp and on Monday morning I'm leaving for Washington and on Tuesday at 11AM I have to be on an Embassy ready to start working. I can't wait to get out of here and try to live in the capital of the US. I'll be there just over month so I'll try to get from it so much as I can. We'll see what's gonna happen there. I'll keep u updated.

And here enjoy the pics:


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Random thoughts

Today, I'm in such a lazy mood that I'm even lazy to think of what to write here. But in the situation when I haven't written here for a long time I'll try to make up something what can help u orientate what's going on with me those days...

Why not to say it loudly - I'm starting to be sick of this camp and can't wait moment when I leave. I'm not just this type of person who follows orders of others without thinking and this is sometimes expected here. All those rules you have to follow and all those people u have to allow to. Some people here are just so damn and envy (OK, I'm here for the first year and I'm doing work which belongs second and more timers, but if I can manage it, why not?). But on the other hand there are very nice people who I can talk to and they keep me in a good mood. And of course, I'm leaving for Washington, D.C. for my internship in 11 days, which I can't wait for. I'll be able to move around without restraint and do whatever I wanna do again...

And what else does keep me positive? Oh yeah, awesome days off when we can get out off the camp and travel. Actually, in couple hours we are going to Pittsburgh, second largest city of Pennsylvania where is our camp. We plan to stop by in some outlet mall close by as well. Sooo, raise your drinks we are HITTING THE ROAD AGAIN!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Boston pictures

There is a lot of work in our camp right now, so I'm posting the pictures from Boston where we went last weekend later than I expected. Yesterday, we had a visiting day here, which basically means that the parents and relatives of kids are coming to see their children. We had 3000 people here, which is to normal state of 800 people big difference. We had to prepare for them special food etc.

But here are the promised pictures...

Boston and Cape Cod