Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still alive and this time in Brno

After long time without posting I wanna assure u that I'm still alive. Just too busy... I have ddl for my bachelor's thesis on December 5 (de facto I have to hand it on November 23, because my supervisor is leaving for Brussels), I have to study for my other classes that I have again many. And the brand new news - I got a job in an internet advertising agency.You can find it on http://www.robertnemec.com/ and just started to work there for couple hours a week yesterday. The agency is focused mostly on inovative internet marketing like Search engine optimization, link building etc. So, could be pretty interesting... We'll see, I'll keep u updated.

And to this wine cellar thing - it was great. About 20 people came, one of them was Marcelo, Brasilian guy who studied with us in Nebraska. We had an awesome wine-testing and plenty of food and of course wine. And we had our own cimbalom's band. Perfect music! Who didn't come missed a lot. Anyway, tried to post videos from the cellar, but have some technical difficulties, so I'll try it tomorrow. Stay tuned!